Grand Meelad


Grand MeeladLife of every happiness is Eid Miladun Nabi, The pride of all Eids is Eid Miladun Nabi, The greatest moment of moments is Eid Miladun Nabi, and the moment of constant light of blessing is Eid Miladun Nabi. (Peace be upon Him)
For the Muslims all over the world this day is the greatest day of happiness and joy. The very same day benefactor to humanity, The seal of Prophet Hood, mercy to all worlds, helper and problem solver of poors, the lord of the universe, the pride of every living, the brightness to world and the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) was sent to earth. His (Peace be upon Him) annunciation is such a great delicacy that none of the otherworldly blessings or the greatest government can competes or come close to it. He (peace be upon him) is the distributor of all blessings. All things were given because of him (peace be upon him). It is narrated in Hadith  (Bukhari and Muslim) “I distribute and Allah Ta’ala is the provider”.Allah Ta’ala called his (peace be upon him) annunciation a favor to Muslims. It is in Quran  (Surah 3, Verse 164) Translation “ Undoubtedly, Allah did a great favor to the Muslims that in them from among themselves sent a Messenger.” The birthday of Prophets and Rasools is the day of peace. Hazrat Eisa (Peace be upon him) said “ And the same peace on me the day I was born.” (Sura 19, Verse 33) At another place Allah Ta’ala said about Hazrat Yahyia (Peace be upon him) “ And peace is on him the day when he was born.” (Sura 19, Verse 15). Our prophet is the Imam and Leader of prophets and the most distinguished of every creature then why would not be his (peace be upon him) birthday a day of peace, blessing and happiness.  Not only prophet (peace be upon him) has celebrated his own birthday by fasting on Monday but also his companions, Ta’abien, Tabe Ta’abien, Saints (Auliya Allah) has followed the suite and lovers of his Sunnah are doing it so till today. It is narrated in Hadith.At the time of His birth, Hazrat Sovaiba, the maid of Abu Lahab, gave news to him about the birthday of his nephew. Abu Lahab became so happy that he pointed his index finger and set her free. Let’s hear from Imam Bukhari how Abu Lahab was rewarded for this action even though there is a whole Sura Lahab in Quran to condemned him. “Hazrat Abbass radi allah Hanho saw Abu Lahab in his dream after his death in a great misery. He asked what happened to you? Abu Lahab replied, nothing good happened to me after departing from you (relatives), however, I get some relief in punishment due to water coming from my index finger which I used to set Sovaiba free (when she gave the news of birth of Holy Prophet.” (Bukhari). Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Haq Muhaddis Dehlavi (Rahmatullahe Alaih) from 958 A.H – 1052 A.H who is a great researcher of Hadis of Kings Akbar and Jahangir’s era says about above mentioned incident “ This incident is a proof to whom who celebrate the Birthday evening of Prophet ((Peace be upon Him) and spend money. This means if Abu Lahab who was a Kafir was rewarded for celebrating his nephew’s birthday and setting his maid free than how much a Muslim shall be rewarded who celebrates his birthday and spends money with full of love and joy on his birthday. (Madarajun Nabuva Vol. 2, Page 26).
Nabi Karim (peace be upon him) came as a great blessing of Allah Ta’ala for the all worlds. It is in Quran(Surah 10, verse 58) Translation: “Say, you, ‘only Allah’ grace and only His mercy, on it therefore let them rejoice.” So, at the occasion of Eid-e- Milad (peace be upon him) whatever kind of celebration and happiness, which is permissible under the divine law of Sharia, is not only allowed but it is according to Quran and Sunnah. It is not Bidhat-e-Sayyia (Bad innovation). But it is such a good course and practice unto which reward is promised. It is narrated in a Hadith:(Muslim Shareef) Translation: Whoever invents a new good course of action in Islam will get rewarded for it and shall get a combine reward equal to the sum of all those who will follow his method without taking any reward away from those followers.”Allama Ismaeel Haqqi in Tafseer Roohul Bayaan states the following, while commenting on the verse:“Muhammad is the (Chosen) Prophet of Al’laah”To celebrate Meelad Shareef is to show respect to him (Prophet)as long as it is free from any wrongdoings. Hazrat Imam Suyuti t says that it is desirable for us to show our appreciation on the Birthday of the Holy Prophet Muhammad r.” [Tafseer Roohul Bayaan Pg.56 Vol.9]

Hazrat Ismaeel also states in Tafseer Roohul Bayaan as following:“And Haafiz ibn Hajar and Hafiz Suyuti (radi Al’laahu anhuma) have proven the originality of Meelad Shareef from Sunnah and they have refuted those who forbid Meelad by saying that it is a Bid’ ate Sa’iya (Bad Innovation).” [Tafseer Roohul Bayaan Pg.57 Vol.9]

Imam-ul-Muhaditheen Muhammad bin Ismaeel Bukhari t quoted the following narration:

“When Abu Lahab died then one of his families saw him in their dream and he was in a bad condition. He was asked about what had happened. He said, ‘By being away from you I have not gained anything beneficial but for freeing Thuwaiba, with this finger (shahaadat finger), I gain water, since it is the very finger which I used to point to her when freeing her.” [Bukhari Shareef]

Hazrat Allama Ibn Hajar Asqalani t while commenting on the above mentioned narration of Bukhari Shareef says

“Hazrat Suhaili t mentions that Hazrat Abbas t says, ‘one year after the death of Abu Lahab I saw him in my dream and he was in a terrible condition and he was saying, After separating from you, I did not gain any peace and comfort but every Mondays my punishment is reduced.’ (Hazrat Abbas t says that) the reason for this is because the Holy Prophet Muhammad r was born on a Monday and it was on his birth that out of joy, Abu lahab freed Thuwaiba (his female slave) who gave him this good news.” [Fathul Baari Pg.145 Vol.9]

Abu Lahab was a Kaafir. It was concerning him that Almighty Al’laah sent down the verse:- If he gained such benefit just by freeing Thuwaiba because he heard of the Birth of his nephew Muhammad bin Abdullah r, then definitely those of us who not only accept him as Muhammad, the son of Abdullah r but as our Rasool and our King, and those of us who celebrate his Meelad Shareef by having Mahfile Meelad and by remembering him always, will undoubtedly gain great blessings from Almighty Al’laah for this.

Sheikh-ul-Muhaditheen, Sheikh Abdul Haq Muhadith Dehlwi t in the commentary of this narration says, “In this incident there is clear proof for those who celebrate the Meelad and for those who on the birth of the Holy Prophetshow happiness and spend their wealth. In other words if Abu Lahab who was a kaafir and out of happiness on the birth of Holy Prophet r, freed Thuwaiba to feed milk to him, can gain such reward, then what will be the condition of that Muslim who out of happiness and love spends his wealth in abundance and celebrates Meelad Shareef, but it should be so that the Mahfile Meelad be free of the publics innovation and free of singing and Haraam instruments.” [Madaarijun Nabuiwat Pg.24 Vol.2]

Concerning the very same narration, Hazrat Haafizul Hadith Allama Abul Khair Shamsuddeen Muhammad bin Muhammad Juzri t says,

“So if the kaafir Abu lahab was given benefit for showing his happiness on the birth of Rasoolullah r, then what is the condition of that true Muslim who out of happiness on the event of Meelad Shareef spends his wealth accordingly? I swear on my soul, that this will be his reward that Almighty Al’laah through His Divine Grace will enter such a person into Jannatun Naeem.” [Zurqaani Shareef Pg.139 Vol.1]

Sheikh-ul-Islam Allama ibn Hajar Makki t in his distinguished book “An Ne’matul Kubra” quotes the blessed sayings of the Khulafa-e-Raashideen concerning Meelad Shareef. A few of these narrations are being quoted below:

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique t says, “Whosoever spends one dirham on the birthday of the Holy Prophet r, will be my companion in Jannat.”

Hazrat Umar-e-Farouk t says, “Whosoever has respected the Meelad Shareef of the Holy Prophet r it is as though he has revived the Deen.”

Hazrat Uthmaan-e-Ghani t says, “Whosoever has spent one dirham on the Birthday of the Holy Prophet r, it is as though He was present in Ghazwa-e-Badr and Hunain.”

Hazrat Ali t says, “Whosoever respects the Meelad Shareef and is a means of motivating a Meelad function, he will take from this world the gift of Imaan and he will enter Jannat without any questioning.” [Ne’mate Kubra Pages 7/8 – Published Istanbul-Turkey]

With the exception of quoting the sayings of the Khulafa-e-Raashideen, Hazrat ibn Hajar Makki t also quoted the sayings of many Awliyah, Kaamileen and Muhaqiqeen. A few of them are as follows:

Hazrat Imam Hassan Basri states:

wish I had gold equivalent to the Mountain of Uhud so that I could be able to spend it in the commemorating the Meelad Shareef of the Holy Prophet r.”

Hazrat Junaid-e-Baghdadi t states,

“Whosoever presented himself in the gathering of the Meelad Shareef of Rasoolullah r, and he respected and honoured it, then he will be successful with Imaan.” [Ne’mate Kubra Pg.8]

Hazrat Allama ibn Hajar Makki (Alaihimur Rahma) says,

“Those gatherings of Meelad-e-Paak and Azkaar (Zikr gatherings) which we commemorate are usually full of good actions such as Sadqa, Zikr, Salaam upon Nabi Paak r and his praise.” [Fatawa Hadeethia Pg.129]

Imam Qistalaani t the commentator of Bukhari Shareef, says,
“And in the blessed month of the Birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad r, the Ahle Islam have always celebrated the Meelad Shareef and they would happily cook food and give invitations and on this night they would give all types of Sadqa and Kheyraat and they would show there happiness and love and they would anxiously partake in any good deeds and they have been always making grand arrangements for the reading of the Meelad Shareef. It is for this reason that the Grace and Blessings of Almighty Al’laah is received  and from the specialities of Meelad Shareef it has been noticed that the year in which the Meelad Shareef is read, that year becomes a year of protection and preservation for the Muslims and by having Meelad Shareef, the ambitions of the heart are fulfilled. The Great Mercy of Almighty Al’laah is upon that person who has made the night of Meelad Shareef the night of happiness and Eid.” [Mawahibul Laduniyah Pg.27 Vol.1- Zurqaani Shareef Pg.149 Vol.1]

Allama Qistalaani in Mawahibul Laduniyah and Sheikh Abdul Haq Muhadith Dehlwi (radi Al’laahu anhuma) in Mathibatu bis Sunnah states,

“The night of the Meelad Shareef of the Holy Prophet Muhammad r is greater than the night of Lailatul Qadr.”[Mawahibul Laduniyah Pg.26 – Mathibatu bis Sunna Pg.59]

Sheikh Muhammad Tahir Patni (Alaihimur Rahma) writes concerning Rabi ul Awwal Shareef that:

“The month of Rabi ul Awwal Shareef is the manifestation of Noor and marvel of Mercy. This is such a month that every year in this month the command is that we should rejoice.”  [Majma’ul Bihaar Pg.550 Vol.3]

Allama Muhadith Ibn Jauzi t states,

“Whoso ever shows happiness on the Meelad of the Holy Prophet r, then this happiness will become a veil and covering (for him) from the fire of Jahanum and whosoever spends even one dirham on the Meelad Shareef then the Holy Prophet r will intercede for him and his intercession will be accepted.” [Maulood Al Uroos li Ibni Jauzi Page-9]

Haji Imdaadullah Makki  says, “The way of this servant is this, that I present myself in the Mahfil-e-Meelad and thinking of it as a means of Blessing I even commemorate it and I gain great pleasure and peace by standing.”[Faisla Haft Mas’ala Pg.5]

Yearly, Noori Masjid organizes and celebrates the birth of the Prophet (sallahu Alaih Wasallam) on the 12th night of Rabi-ul-Awwal. We also exhibit the blessed hair of the prophet (sallahu Alaih Wasallam) in that program. And then, in the morning right before Fajr prayer we celebrate subhe-e-baharan, which lasts about an hour. This is the actual birth time of our Nabi (Sallahu Alaih Wasallam).

Noori Lamps: Lessons of Quran

If Life was to merely be lived for our own personal gain, there would be enormous roohaniyat in spending on yourself but that is not the case.

Have a big heart for the needy, care for the elders and be kind towards family for roohaniyat.