The Islamic New Year

The Islamic New Year begins with Muharramul Haram with sighting of new moon,the first month of Hijri Calender.The first month of Muharram is one of the four sacred months that Almighty Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran: Lo! the number of the months with Allah is 12 months by Allah,s ordinance in day that He created the Heavens and the earth.Four of them are sacred that is right religion. So wrong not yourselves in them(9.36)

While followers of many other religions spend their opening month in worthless merriment,the 1st month of Islam teaches us lessons of admonition,good counselling and knowledge of Almighty Allah,s sacrifice,selflessness,patience and seeking the pleasure of Almighty Allah.

The 10th day of Muharramul-Haram has many distinctive qualities and features.Allah Sbhanaho wa ta,ala created the Heavens and the earth on this blessed day.On this day He gave His infinite blessings and bounties to many of His prophets.

It was on the 10th Muharram that Sayyiduna Imam Husain (Radiallahu anhu)was mercilessly martyred.Hazrat Imam Husain (Radiallahu anhu),the grand son of our Nabi Mohammad ( Sallallahu alaihi wasallam)presented an incompareable sacrifice on the field of Karbala,(on the tenth Muharram) the 72 Members of his family, and finally he also tasted from the cup of martyrdom.

Every year, Noori Masjid organizes Ashoora program to remember this blessed day and teach the community about the importance of this day. The dates are finalized when closed to the day of Ashoora.

Noori Lamps: Lessons of Quran

If Life was to merely be lived for our own personal gain, there would be enormous roohaniyat in spending on yourself but that is not the case.

Have a big heart for the needy, care for the elders and be kind towards family for roohaniyat.