Prayer Jama’at

(Mufti) Ahmadul Qaderi is the main official Imam and sole authorized person to lead all and every prayer including 5 times Namaz/salah and Juma

Only one official Jama’at is allowed at times that are displayed here on this website and Noori Masjid mobile app

Weekly Ijtem  

Noori Masjid organizes weekly Ijtem on every Friday evening from Isha prayers. The ijtema consists of short speech both in English and Urdu, zike and Duaa in the end. Mufti Ahmadul Qaderi Sahib delivers talk on various topics including Ahadith, Tafseer of Quran and Fiqh. At the end, the listeners are given opportunities to ask any questions that they may have on any topics. This is indeed a very education session and everyone should attend it.

Noori Lamps: Lessons of Quran

If Life was to merely be lived for our own personal gain, there would be enormous roohaniyat in spending on yourself but that is not the case.

Have a big heart for the needy, care for the elders and be kind towards family for roohaniyat.